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About Blog

My name is Raymond. The blog I made is about my personal life, most of things that I enjoy doing. I have 2 turtles, I like electronic stuffs, photography, art, and travelling. Opinions expressed here are for my own personal blog.


What you can find on my blog?

1. My knowledge and tips about Social Media, WordPress, Photography, and other stuffs

2. Cool photography especially about travelling and food

3. My turtle videos at my YouTube channel! They are funny and I bet you won’t be disappointed

4. Quotes about motivation but also possible with other nice quotes

5. Some of my personal thoughts about what’s going on with my life and the world

6. Entertainment posts about Music and Movies.

7. Posts related to Technology, apps review, a few games review, and recent tech tips

8. Minecraft, my custom build. They are cool so check them out!


How to follow me

1. Twitter if you always want to be up to date with my blog posts. I tweet about other stuffs sometimes.

2. You can subscribe to my blog via e-mail which is available at the widget side.

3. Facebook Fan Page. You need to like the page and turn on notification at the page settings.

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6. YouTube channel. What’s the best about YouTube channel? You can find interesting videos, entertainment, and funny YouTubers in life. Please also subscribe to my other YouTube Channels Cool Mobile Tips and Axel The Key.

7. StumbleUpon. Stumbling interesting articles.

8. Tumblr. Tumblr is a fun and simple way to browse blog experience.



  • You are allowed to use my photography pictures on my blog for personal use and they are not intended for any commercial purposes and any credits or link back would be highly appreciated.
  • I did not fully own the content especially for all the images on my blog. Feel free to contact me if you wish any of these images of yours to be removed.
  • Logo is not intended for any misuses or any abusive purposes.
  • I am an affiliate member of Amazon and Google AdSense


I do feature other works sometimes, feel free to share the blog content via share button. Enjoy reading my blog!


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Thank you for visiting my blog.


Raymond Halim