Esplanade Art Exhibition By Band Of Doodlers

Esplanade Art Exhibition By Band Of Doodlers

There are many ways to get to Esplanade Theater Bay in Singapore and I prefer to walk my way from City Hall MRT station. There are a lot of art performance ads on my way to the theater from underground walk.
Display At Esplanade Passageway

I must admit Singaporean people got decent art talents and taste. I have never got bored seeing all the unique ads placement and they are just entertaining. Sometimes they even have magnets that force me to buy the products! Esplanade Art Exhibition By Band Of Doodlers

I sat down on a comfortable seat while enjoying the art exhibition and having popcorn that I bought along the way.
Art Display At Esplanade

They are talented artists I must say and I had given up my drawing long time ago. But I am still an art guy that appreciate artworks. Esplanade Art Exhibition By Band Of DoodlersBand Of Doodlers

Give an applause for band of Doodlers for the creativity. Continue your journey through art and fulfill your dreams.Esplanade Art Exhibition By Band Of DoodlersSince this is an art theater, they are maximizing the space for more art performance. Stepping up a bit and you will find several artists are preparing for a small group of musical show. Who’s in?

Free Performance At Esplanade

The even offer free performances to visitors. Just watch them at the announcement screen or visit their website.Esplanade Art Theater

Various artists are preparing for National day celebrations!Art Theater At Singapore

Another unique hanging arts placement, they just catch my attention on my walk to the exit to outdoor.Esplanade Outdoor

There I am outside now. A few restaurants and bar outside of the theater. Esplanade looks good in the evening too. You probably should come around the afternoon to evening time.Marina Bay View From Esplanade

A view of Marina Bay Sands, the famous 5-star hotel with infinity skypool at the rooftop.
Outdoor Theatre Esplanade

Seriously they even have theater performance outside! What a nice looking design, it’s also a good time to enjoy the breeze of the wind.View On Esplanade OutdoorSingapore Esplanade Outdoor Water Taxi Singapore

They even offer water taxi ride around the Esplanade and Marina Bay area.Esplanade Outdoor View

I love the place around the Marina bay, Esplanade, and Raffles buildings. If you ever need to take good shots of Singapore, these places are must visit.