Beatbuddy Game Review (Tale Of the Guardians)

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Beatbuddy is an action-adventure where players solve puzzles and vanquish enemies in six beautiful hand-drawn worlds, each with their own amazing soundtrack composed by industry legends such as Austin Wintory, Parov Stelar, chiptune-genius Sabrepulse, the La Rochelle Band — and more to come with free exclusive DLC’s post-launch.


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Awakened from his slumber, Beatbuddy journeys through lush hand-painted environments on a quest to save his companions and his own immortality. Beatbuddy is a genius made game where you come to finish different story modes with cool navigation and attractive world for amusing adventure.


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The different music combination shapes the entire game play allows more joy while playing it. Solve the mystery of the puzzle, advance to the next level, and more stories to come.


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Help him to unlock the new paths and beat the monsters lurking around the territory. Cool amazing HD graphic awaits you ahead play through!


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With such adventure you will find more to explore as you advance deeper into the game. It’s truly a unique experience game in my opinion.


Beatbuddy has won many awards :

Winner ~ Best Youth Game~ German Game Awards 2014
Winner ~ Best Serious Game~ German Developer Awards 2013
Winner ~ Best Game Design~ German Developer Awards 2013
Winner ~ Best Art~ Intel Level Up Award 2012
Winner ~ Best Sound~ Intel Level Up Award 2012
Honorable Mention ~ Excellence in Audio – IGF 2012
Selected Projects ~ Game Connection 2012
Top 10 ~ A-Maze Indie Connect Award 2012
Finalist ~ Best Student Project ~ German Video Game Award 2011
Winner ~ Music Works 2011


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