Chinese Garden Singapore

MRT To Jurong East Station

It’s a long way from Orchard to Chinese Garden riding MRT, probably took around 40 minutes as far as I could remember. Yes me and my family needed to pass a lot of stations until the train emerge from the underground.
MRT To Jurong East Station

It was light raining outside and the weather was not good for outdoor walking. I didn’t expect the weather to change so quickly. It was bright and sunny an hour ago.

MRT To Jurong East Station

Luckily the rain stopped just before we almost reached the destination Chinese Garden MRT Station. We were almost there!
Chinese Garden Entrance

Done getting out of the train and reaching the front gate of Chinese Garden soon. This was the picture I took along the long path to the entrance.Chinese Garden Singapore

Just see for yourself from the map how big the place is. I took a snap in case I got lost inside :)

There was no entrance fee by the time I went there and probably a few needed tickets like Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum but unfortunately I didn’t get to inside.
Chinese Garden Singapore

A lovely and spectacular view! The tower just looked fantastic.
Tower Chinese Garden

We needed to cross the entrance bridge to get to the tower and the other area.
Chinese Garden Singapore


Place : Chinese Garden Singapore

Date : June 2015

Device : LG G4
Lake at Chinese Garden

There was a nice resting place at Tea House Pavilion in the middle of the area.
Fishes at Chinese Garden

There I met fishes and turtles! Seeing those hungry turtles and fishes gather together, reminded me of my turtles at home.Nature Chinese Garden Confusius Statue We passed by Confusius statue. He was the great Chinese philosopher and famous one. Spacious Garden

Chinese Garden trip was awesome and recommended. It was free and you could even do running or jogging with wide open space and fresh air.


More to come and explore at Singapore great city. The great adventure will continue!