Crossy Road Game Review

If you want to kill boredom, Crossy Road will answer your question. It’s also good as a stress reliever game or could be a game of choice to spend your time for the weekend! I let the chicken get killed by cars and trucks so many times just for fun lol My high score is just 78 and my previous is 103 but due to shaky bad recording I deleted the video. I am not lying!

Crossy Road 1Nice and smooth graphic on my phone Note 4 and I assume it will be the same for iPhone 6.

Crossy Road 2

You can change the character and not only chicken. I got 100 coins to spend and tried the other characters which is awesome!

Crossy Road 5

Be careful not to fall into water and I personally think it’s better to get stomped by car or trucks (my opinion).

Crossy Road 3

These screenshots are taken from the developers and I have never been here before. It could be an event or I am just not far enough.

Crossy Road 6


It’s quite tricky sometimes when you try to cross the 6-8 lanes of cars. Unfortunately crossing the road is not as easy as you think, the moment you get to pass 3-4 cars and thinking that you have been saved from chaos there come your first trouble. Trucks and cars are coming from everywhere and you have to be like ninja avoiding all the obstacles. Perhaps you need to ask Spiderman for a help!

Crossy Road 7

Here we go all the choices of all characters. I want a robot or cow as a sacrifice but the game didn’t let me to have the luck.

I feel like there is a connection between the game and LEGO design? or perhaps it’s just my imagination.


You can download the game here :

App Store

Google Play