Engelberg Mount Titlis Switzerland

Engelberg Mount Titlis Switzerland

The bus stopped at the parking outside the entrance to cable car. Hence we have arrived at the Engelberg which is a resort town and municipality in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland.
Engelberg Mount Titlis Switzerland

The town somehow looked like a fantasy dream town surrounded by nature. The water looked beautiful in turqiouse and somehow made me want to jump in right away either to drink or to swim. Hold on, don’t play with the fast current or you will be carried away straight to the haunted forest lol

To Mount Engelbert

A soothing view even during the hot summer.

Near Mount Engelbert

I would love to lay down on the grass but I was called right away to gather together with the group!


To Mount Engelbert

We walked inside the building queueing for the cable car.

Waiting for cable car

There you go cable car ride! It looked very exciting to get the view from the top.

Switzerland view from above

I was right! The view was spectacular. You can see Engelberg, mountains, sky, forest, hills, water, anything about nature!

Switzerland view from cable car

Another shot taken as we went a bit further up to Mount titlis. Still amazing and getting clearer.

Riding cable car to mount titlis

Wild forest looked astonishing. It’s good to see the very tall standing trees from above.

A view from cable car to mount titlis


Place : Mount Titlis

Date : July 2014

Device : Nokia Lumia 1520
A view from cable car to mount titlis

We got closer now! The cows were put bells tied to their neck so the owner would not lose any of them out on the field. The bells were very noisy. I could even hear the loud sound from distance above.

A nature view from cable car to mount titlis

Under construction at mount titlis

The first stop before going to the next ride.

Under construction at mount titlis

Everything was under construction outside the first building stop. Hopefully they were building up something great.

Under construction at mount titlis

Up we went until the next ride.
Distance view from cable car mount titlis

Going further up with much more breathtaking view. Just how beautiful everything was under our eyes from the top.

To Mount Titlis Engelberg

Event hough it was summer, the snow just stayed eternal for the every seasons.
To Mount Titlis

Above at Mount Titlis

We could see the line between the summer and winter. It’s hot down below there but is it cold up here? With no wind blowing I felt hot wearing a thick jacket!
A view at the top Mount Titlis

Do your best taking as much time when you arrived at the peak. Took as much pictures as you can. I had hundreds of pictures but just feeling not enough! Feel the air, breathe the air. Then move on to the next bridge. You could enjoy some places like Glacier Park but unfortunately I needed to skip a lot as it’s not enough time for a single tour.

Snow at Mount Titlis

It was very slippery, you had better prepare special pair of shoes. Probably hiking shoes would do.

Snow at Mount Titlis

If you go further you could ride the ski ride to the next mountain.

Snow at Mount Titlis

The view while on the ski ride.
Snow at Mount Titlis

Very good we have almost reached there. I took some shots only because it was foggy.

Snow at Mount Titlis

The next mountain stop was cool and looked like we could do some skiing here. Probably next time. But you could do one most fun activity here tobogganing in a rubber-tyre!

I wished I had my GoPro by that time. But enjoying the activity was just a very fun thing to do. We needed to get back as it was time for lunch, we had better hurry up only an hour left!


Bus Stop Mount Titlis

Rode the bus after lunch for more upcoming fun. Stay tuned!