Foursquare App Review

Foursquare App Review

If you are a traveller or going outdoor a lot within 24-hour a day, installing Foursquare app would help you as your ultimate city guide! You can access over 60 million reviews from the expert.

Foursquare App Review

You can get notified by the pop up notifications depending on your phone type and OS version. Search about local food, places to stay, even if you are as a frequent traveller, finding the correct place to stay with the right budget would be helpful.Foursquare App Review

Foursquare will help you to personalise taste that you like. You will never miss out things that you like again.Foursquare App Review

Saves your favorite places, coffee, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shops, and more. Get notified when someone likes your check-in and comments.
Foursquare App Review

Saves your places you want to go, so you will never forget. Gives rating or read the comments from expert. Foursquare is an organized way to find new and better places.Foursquare

Tell Foursquare what you like, be specific like “fried chicken”, “local beer” or more general like “outdoor seating”, “romantic places”. Every search is tailored to your tastes and past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust.


So check in now and meet your friends!

* Since the app is using your GPS It might be battery consuming depending on your device and operating system.


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