Gaming Saturday – Axel The Key Update


PACMAN is an old arcade game that brings back memory. It is available at iOS devices to download at no cost. If you are a fan of Pac-Man you should try the newest Pac-Man 256 which has more features and definitely worth playing as the newest updated game.


Super Robot EX Granzon Boss Fight

Super robot is one of the robot anime series coming from Japan called Gundam or Gunpla. In this kind of game Super Robot EX is build for semi strategy battle rather than the other series which were developed for fully frontal strategy. I would say it’s more like a Role Playing Game or RPG. Find out more from the video above.


Phoenix HD 1M+ SCORE

A fun enjoyable shooting arcade using battleship, firing missiles, launch laser, etc. It’s a game for everyone! Nicely made with HD graphic makes it more entertaining, you need to survive from boss and minions attacks until your HP is fully depleted and it’s a game over. Not bad for the first timer, I managed to score 1M+.


Angel Stone – BOSS Fight

Angel Stone as previously has been reviewed here, is a wonderful action RPG game, that caught my attention. It resembles Diablo II if I may say, The graphic is improved and also with cool skills and 3 different jobs. You may want to try multiplayer game with other players from around the world.