MRT Stations In Singapore Advantages And Disadvantages

MRT Stations In Singapore Advantages And Disadvantages

MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) is the most convenient transportation method you could get in Singapore. It connects almost every area in Singapore though you rarely get lost in a small city.

It’s my most loved way to get to one place to another and sometimes offers you a better tariff rate than taking a taxi. Getting on a bus is cheaper but you need to wait and for me it’s more confusing than to memorise only few lines and places names on MRT.

Should you ever confused about how-to get to somewhere on MRT, just ask the local information guide center.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using MRT as your choice of transportation method.




– Free from on ground traffic

– Some shops and food on the junctions to MRT

– Top up card payment

– Fast if you go for a long distance




– During busy hour, traffic commute could be a pain sometimes

– Errors in imperfect tapping card system could be time consuming

– There is a confusing branch line even for local Singaporean at Promenade yellow line


You might consider walking on your way outdoor, taking a taxi or bus as your alternatives sometimes. But I do recommend MRT as the most convenient one.