Red Eared Slider Clara And Peter

This is a fan page for Clara and Peter! But, who are they?


Red Eared Slider Clara is a red eared slider turtle I bought in August 2012.

Peter Red Eared Slider Peter is also a red eared slider turtle I bought in September 2012.


What to know more about Red Eared Slider species?

Red eared slider turtle is a semiaquatic turtle. It is the most popular pet in United States as well around the world. They get their name red eared slider from the small red dash around their ears. The “slider” part of the name comes from their ability to slide off rocks and logs and into the water quickly. This species can reach up to 30cm – 40cm in length. The females of the species are usually a little larger than the males. The red eared slider is the most common type of turtle kept as pets and expected to live generally around 30 years.

Source : Wikipedia

Why do they have a fan page here?

They are involved in the filming of Go Pro VS Turtle series. You can find their fun videos here.

More Clara and Peter Red Eared Slider Photography


Clara TurtlePeter TurtleRed Eared Slider Clara TurtleClara Turtle Peter TurtleClara Turtle

Check out their adventurous stories and articles too HERE.

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  • thesockmonkeyproject

    So cute!! Do they get along with each other?

  • Raymond

    So far yes but sometimes Clara bites Peter a bit because maybe she is hungry but she is also greedy and ate all the food at once lol

  • thesockmonkeyproject

    So funny…I will have to watch their videos!

  • thelovelyrhythm

    I think I can feature them next month. I’ll prepare for that… More power Clara and Peter. Stay healthy and cute! okay! 😀 >^^< I already get the copy of your pictures…

  • Raymond

    I can’t wait to read your article. I am very sure it will be awesome.

  • thelovelyrhythm


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  • Beth

    So cool! I love Clara and Peter already and am looking forward to following their adventures!

  • Raymond

    Thank you, I will make sure Clara and Peter know if they have another fan :)

  • gorgeousgael

    Great pictures! and turtles!

  • Raymond

    Thank you :)