Swollen Battery Macbook Pro 15″ 2011

Swollen Battery Macbook Pro 15" 2011


It was the old Macbook but still good looking, I basically abandoned it a few years ago during my work as a BlackBerry themer. I found it to be extremely useful during that time but it was so disappointing to find that it became unusable in less than 2 years. It’s not cheap either to have less-than-two-year of life Macbook. For something that worth more than $1200, truly expensive stuff, having logic board easily damaged might not be tolerable. That was what the engineer service man had analyzed after it broke down. To even replace the part that costed insanely $800 with no warranty, I don’t think it will be worth the money and effort.

So decision to get the new Macbook was worth it by that time. Until today I also sense a bit of the same problem come to rise from a few months ago. The screen went white and the laptop suddenly restarted by itself. It leads to the frustation having to invest another money to replace the parts. I always obey the principal of not tearing down my electronic stuffs that I buy until I throw the unused ones slowly little by little.

I think I had enough of it, and here comes my next decision of trying to unscrew and open the Macbook forcefully but a bit carefully though I know it could be a trash lol.


Swollen Battery Macbook Pro 15" 2011


I am very careful with electronic devices that I have. I shouldn’t have been this maniac instead just throw those away when I don’t have much time to mess with it. But curiosity in finding out more if the Macbook will still function well so that I could have 2 Macbooks (In my dream).

In addition I found that the battery was swollen after trying to unscrew the closed cover to the point that the battery area part was the hardest ones. I asked for a friend help to unscrew those and it did finally opened!

Now come to the next problem, it seems like layered passwords and you need to enter the correct ones to unlock what you want. Ok so the next I need special screwdriver, great. I just need to take out the battery because it seems very dangerous in the long term.



The video shows you like the job supposed to be very easy to get done. But the swollen battery case is different. If only the battery buldging wouldn’t get in the way, it would not take another hour to open it. Making my fingers got swollen from trying to press the screwdriver harder for almost 40 minutes.

Looking again at the online price for Logic Board replacement and found that it costed around $400. I think I just pass it but the battery needs to be disposed carefully.